Xtreme Lash Extensions

eyesWho doesn't want gorgeous lashes? Xtreme lash extensions are the #1 lash extension globally.

Lash extensions are individually applied by a trained and certified Xtreme Lash Extension Stylist.

With routine touch ups every 2-4 weeks and proper care, you can have amazing eyelashes forever.

Full Set application:  $200

Lash extensions are applied to every viable eyelash all the way across the lash line. from corner to corner. Receive a complimentary mascara with a full lash application.

Apply new lashes to areas that have shed for clients that have had a partial set applied. Lash appointment to be performed within 2-4 weeks of previous lash appointment.

Lash touch up within 2 weeks $50+

Lash touch up within 3 weeks $75+

Lash service to be performed within 7-14 dyas of any lash service to add more lash extensions or as a lash extension correction.

Lash Tint $25

Brown Tint $25

Corrective & Removal $50+