TamiPassion resides within me through Beauty, Fashion and the Quality of Life. I have been in the Beauty Industry the majority of my career as a licensed Esthetician in NY and NH, along with being a licensed Educator and NYS Practical Examiner for Esthetics. Traveling for several years across the US, selling to private and public schools, medical offices and day spas/salons has brought me to believe and understand that there is enough business for everyone. Everyone wants to feel and look younger and the market is growing faster and faster year over year!

As the owner of WET Beauty Lounge, my expertise and focus is on specifics such as Waxing, Eyelash Extensions and Tanning (Spray). The concept and belief of WET Beauty Lounge is mobility. People are in a fast pace world today and want the flexibility along with the personal satisfaction of being accommodated for the busy lifestyle's they have chosen. WET Beauty Lounge takes pride in education, client satisfaction and all around memorable experience in a one of a kind atmosphere that you will not forget.

Believing very strongly that Beauty resides within every one of us, the enhancements we make externally are only as strong as we internally can support. With that said, your quality of life and your thoughts need to always be nurtured with positive motives. What you say and think, you actually become. My Life is my Fantasy; therefore my Fantasy is my Life is how I view my world. WET Beauty Lounge will enhance your "already beautiful self."

Nutrition is another passion of mine and plays a key role on how we look, feel and affect our aging process. We need to always be conscious of not only what we put ON our body but what we put IN our body.

Have a Beautiful Day, Inside and Out!