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WET Beauty Lounge concept was designed around the core belief that WET should be something different but very appealing to both men and women of all ages. WET was made to be something that was a niche and an atmosphere that was chic and delivered superior quality of service. The owner of WET Beauty Lounge Tamie, wanted her expertise to focus on specifics such as Waxing, Eyelash Extensions and Tanning (Spray). The concept and belief of WET Beauty Lounge is mobility. People are in a fast pace world today and want the flexibility along with the personal satisfaction of being accommodated for the busy lifestyle's they have chosen. WET Beauty Lounge takes pride in education, client satisfaction and all around memorable experience in a one of a kind atmosphere that you won’t forget.

Men's services

In the past a man's skin care was never a primary concern. Things have changed though, and men are taking their skincare and grooming seriously. WET is proud to offer a variety of customized services for men from waxing and spray tanning to facials and skin care. Contact WET today to see how we can transform your skin and leave your complexion flawless.

A unique experience

WET beauty lounge understands the fast paced world we're all living in today. That understanding allows us to provide you with a no nonsense relaxing experience that can be fit into your schedule. Your lifestyle defines your schedule and it is our goal to work around your schedule in order to provide you with the best beauty services that will leave you feeling refreshed and beautiful.

Waxing Services

Eyelash Extensions

Spray Tanning



Women's Services

The best in women's beauty

Customized facials, chemical peels, waxing and more

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Men's Services

A place for guys

WET offers customized services for Men

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